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At Four Winds we understand that there comes a day when the lesson programs and training are over, and your horse moves on to the next phase of life.  We also know from personal experience that it becomes difficult to find quality cost effective stabling that offers full horse care that is independent of a lesson program.  

Whether you have a trusty trail horse, a hunter/jumper, or a thoroughbred racehorse who is ready for retirement, Four Winds can be your horse's dream retirement getaway!

  Our retirees enjoy their days out in lush pastures with their buddies, and your horse has a comfy 12'x12' stall with plenty of shavings at night.

Four Winds provides your pet horses and retirees with high quality care in a tranquil environment to ensure your horse will enjoy their best years.  Each horse is treated like family and provided with the individual love, care, and the attention they are worthy of.  For more information please contact us at:

Standard services provided for pet and retiree horses:

  • Stall board in 12x12 stalls
  • Customized feeding program tailored to your horses needs
  • Setting up and handling of vet and farrier appointments (vet and farrier costs paid by owner)
  • Light daily medicating and feeding of supplements (Medication and supplements provided by owner)
  • De-worming
  • Baths during those hot summer days
  • All water troughs, feed buckets, and water buckets cleaned daily
  • Blanketing (Blankets provided by owner)
  • Hoof Dressing (when needed)
  • Large sand outdoor ring is available for those that are semi-retired
  • Several oversize 20x12 stalls are available for special needs 

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